October 8

Revealed: The cast of Only Fools and Horses The Musical

Paul Whitehouse – Grandad

Tom Bennett – Del Boy

Ryan Hutton – Rodney

Dianne Pilkington – Raquel

Pippa Duffy – Cassandra

Jeff Nicholson – Boycie

Peter Baker – Trigger

Samantha Seager Marlene

Adrian Irvine – Denzil

Pete Gallagher -Danny Driscoll

Adam Venus – Tony Driscoll

Chris Keily – Mickey Pearce

Oscar Conlon-Morrey – Dating Agent

Melanie Marshall – Mrs Obuko/Wedding Fitter

Chris Bennett – Sid

Andy Mace – Mike the Barman

Lisa Bridge – Ensemble

Andrew Bryant – Swing

Samantha Lane – Swing

Bradley John – Swing

Lee Van Geleen – Ensemble

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