January 10

About me

Hello – and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Steve Clark and I’m a journalist,51qY6-ohq3L._SL110_ author and publisher.I write on here about all sorts of things: lots of stuff about Only Fools and Horses, television, film and famous people plus other things that interest me like customer service, journalism and travel.

I started out working on a local newspaper but have been specialising in behind 51PPeGmyOxL._SL110_-the-scenes reports on television programmes for more than twenty years. I’ve written for most national newspapers at some point and lots 71VFZW2YA5L._SL110_ of magazines and I’m the author of The Only Fools and Horses Story (BBC Books, 1998), The World of Jonathan Creek (BBC Books, 1999), On Set (Blake Publishing, 1999), Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – The 51r1nfeIn6L._SL110_Illustrated Film Companion (Headline, 2001), Only Fools and Horses: The Official Inside Story (Splendid Books, 2011) and The British Television Location Guide (Splendid Books, 2013).

My work has taken me all over the world and, because I specialise in writing about television and film, I’ve been lucky enough to interview lots of familiar faces including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Roger Moore, Penelope Cruz, Nicolas Cage, Alec Guinness, Sir David Jason, Lord Attenborough, John Thaw, Bob Hoskins and Dame Judi Dench. I’m always acutely aware that lists like that just read like one enormous name drop, but as trite as it might sound, if you’re a journalist working in the field of film and television, it’s just your job…

VanI live in Hampshire with my wife and our two small children and as well as being a journalist, I’m also publishing director at Splendid Books Limited. If you run business or organisation and you’re interested in public relations or social media consultancy, a speaking engagement or media appearances then please click here.

I don’t drive a Robin Reliant… but I’d secretly quite like one… Anyway, thanks for reading!

PS: You can email me at sc@steveclark.co.uk

PPS: You can order my books by clicking on the pictures below:   Only Fools and Horses OfficialinsideStory

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