September 19

Ten thoughts about the Scottish independence referendum result

Ten thoughts about the Scottish independence referendum result:

1) I’m glad we’re still a United Kingdom.

2) The real victor is democracy – up to 90% of people voting – WOW! Usual election turnout rates in the UK are a disgrace.

3) It is outrageous that Scottish MPs can vote on laws which only affect England – and this must change.

4) The disgraceful situation where Scottish students and those from France, Germany and the rest of the UK get free university tuition fees but English, Welsh and Northern Irish student have to PAY THOUSANDS is a disgusting state of affairs and must be changed. Ditto free prescriptions in Scotland but not in England.

5) Alistair Darling – proof that quiet and good mannered people can triumph over noisy clichéd rhetoric.

6) Most Scots voted with their heads rather than their hearts.

7) As I’ve said for a long time, history will be kinder on Gordon Brown – a essentially decent man – than it will on Blair. And wow, what a speech.

8) I never want to hear the phrase “devo max” ever again. (I’d also be quite pleased to not see Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon on TV for a good while…)

9) I haven’t been to Scotland for a while – it’s about time I went there again.

10) Above all, we are better together.

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