January 3

Power cut off for 25 hours? Tough… Power off for ONE MINUTE on Christmas Day… have £75 #SSE’s PR gimmick

Did anyone have a power cut of 25 hours up to and including Christmas Eve but got power back just minutes before Christmas Day? We did – and while we were obviously delighted to have power back, an announcement this week by Scottish and Southern that they would be giving anyone who had any form of power loss on Christmas Day a £75 ‘goodwill’ payment (including power cuts lasting just ONE MINUTE) but those of us who had long power cuts before (or after) Christmas Day absolutely NOTHING was a bit of a kick in the teeth.

We had perishable items in our fridge and freezer that we weren’t happy to risk eating after 25 hours without power – but SSE’s advice is to claim on our house insurance.

SSE is making a big thing about the £75 Christmas Day compensation payment as being a goodwill gesture, but where’s the goodwill for people who were affected by power cuts before or after Christmas Day? I know of people who, assuming they weren’t going to get power back for Christmas Day, had to decamp elsewhere incurring costs and inconvenience.

SEE’s policy is ill-conceived and illogical. Why not offer goodwill payment for the inconvenience based on the time people were off over the festive period? And why just Christmas Day? Christmas Eve is pretty important too – and so is Boxing Day.

The £75 goodwill payment smacks of a PR stunt, more designed to make the company look good rather than be good for powerless customers…,.

If SSE has any sense it will widen the scope of its goodwill payment to include people who were inconvenienced (and lost food) over the Christmas period and not just Christmas Day…

PS: In a press release Mark Mathieson, SSE’s Managing Director for Networks calls customers ‘heroes’ – what silly hyperbole. The real heroes were SSE’s engineers on the ground – including the ones I met on Christmas Eve who had been wading through streams to try to fix downed power lines. They were the real heroes….


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