March 31

npower to the people… Playing electricity companies at their own game – and winning

The revelation last month that between them energy companies are sitting on £400 million belonging to 3.5 million customers incensed me. How dare these companies sit on our money – earning interest on it – when we switch providers.

We pay our bill by monthly direct debit so our previous supplier npower could have paid the £135 we were in credit with them when we switched providers in back in November straight back to us. But this unbelievably inept company decided to send us a bill letter instead – DESPITE the fact we were in credit with them. There is no justification for them withholding our money or that of anyone else.

So I thought I’d play npower at their own game – and I sent them  a late payment charge bill, giving them seven days to pay…. here’s what happened next:

npower’s letter to me:

Npower-001 npower Bill 2

My email to npower:


The letters I attached:Letter to NPower - Copy-002

My late payment fee bill:

Late payment fee - Copy

Their reply:


My reply:


Following up a week later:

here to help

Final reminder:

Final Reminder - Copy-001

npower’s response:


Later the same day…


And a week later we had our money back – and the Late Payment Charge PAID IN FULL.

You can download an editable version of my Late Payment Charge letter here. I haven’t included people’s personal email addresses on here, but Google is very easy to use!

Good luck – and do let me know how you get on.


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1 thoughts on “npower to the people… Playing electricity companies at their own game – and winning

  1. Heather Sandler

    Thank you for featuring on You and Yours, and for the copy invoice. It finally worked for me. Nov 29th to 5th June but they paid the invoice too as well as the balance owing.
    Regards and keep up the good work.
    Heather Sandler