August 24

EXCLUSIVE: Nicholas Lyndhurst: Why there will never be any more episodes of Only Fools and Horses

There will never be any further episodes of Only Fools and Horses says Nicholas Lyndhurst.

In an exclusive interview with me for the Daily Express’ Saturday magazine to promote New Tricks, which he joins this week, Nicholas said: “There can’t be any more Only Fools And Horses now that John [Sullivan], who wrote every single episode, has died. He created the show – it was John’s show.”

To be honest, I wasn’t remotely surprised that Nick said that. Indeed, even before I asked him, I was pretty certain that’s what he’d say, but it was a question I needed to ask him for my article. John Sullivan wrote every single word of Only Fools and Horses. The characters were his inventions, the plots and stories were his and the brilliant way he blended superb comedy with real pathos at times was all down to John.

Nick also said how proud he was of Only Fools and how he didn’t mind one bit that it was the show he’d always be known for. “Anyone lucky enough to have been in Only Fools came to the conclusion a long time ago that it will always be the show we’re most associated with,” he smiled. ”

“I don’t mind at all. I’m very proud of it. To have been part of the biggest programme in the country is very special. It was great, although sometimes its success meant we did feel under pressure, knowing just how many people were going to be watching it. But John Sullivan’s scripts were always brilliant. I used to love getting them through the door. I’d rip open the envelope and start reading straight away – and be laughing very quickly!”

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