February 14

Denzil in Paradise

Paul Barber

A very familiar face pops up in next week’s episode of the BBC comedy drama series Death In Paradise: Paul Barber, best-known, of course, as Del’s pal Denzil in Only Fools and Horses.

Paul plays a bird expert called Captain Jack who finds himself under suspicion of murder when one of a party of twitchers is killed.

Here’s the full episode run down:

Tragedy strikes in the Saint Marie jungle when a group of birdwatchers discover one of their party murdered and DI Goodman and the team are called in to investigate.

Visiting the island to catch a glimpse of the famous Saint Marie Green Parrot, the group find fellow ornithologist Marc Talbot stabbed with his own knife.

Having been a keen ‘twitcher’ in his youth, Humphrey is fascinated by the case, but equally perplexed when it is revealed that all of the suspects were in sight of each other when the crime occurred.

Faced with a puzzling conundrum, the team are left asking how anyone had time to kill Marc in the few minutes between him leaving camp in plain sight of the party and being found murdered at the watch point. Desperate to find answers, Dwayne goes undercover to keep an eye on the key suspects, whilst Fidel finds himself battling through the undergrowth in the jungle to find the one missing piece of evidence. What reason could anyone have to kill a harmless birdwatcher?

As the team dig deeper, they discover evidence of long-standing rivalries, secret jealousies and romantic entanglements. Did rival birdwatcher, Alec, execute his revenge after years of teasing and bitter comments? Did Marc’s wife, Gloria, conspire with lover, Matt, to get rid of her husband? Or has tour leader Captain Jack got something to hide?

The episode will be screened on BBC One on Tuesday 18th February at 9pm


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