July 23

A few things I’d like to say about the Royal Family #royalbaby

A few things I’d like to say about the Royal Family:

1)  I think most of the Royals are great – but I think the media coverage of the Royal baby (particularly the BBC’s coverage) has been completely over the top – and ridiculously deferential.

2) I think HM The Queen has been an extraordinary force for good in this country and that she is an incredibly hard-working person. (Ditto The Duke of Edinburgh, who has been an excellent consort)

3)  I respect Princess Anne for her bluntness but mostly for her hard-work. (I met her last year and she was charming and very down-to-earth…)

4) I think HRH The Prince of Wales is absolutely spot-on about modern architecture. I don’t care if he talks to flowers.

5) I think William and Harry have grown up to be fine young men – and have clearly not had easy lives.

6) I wouldn’t want to be a member of the Royal Family and live in a 24/7 media spotlight or have my diary arranged years ahead.

7) I interviewed Prince Edward once and frankly, thought he was a bit of a prat.

8) I gave a card for the Queen to Prince Philip during the 1977 Silver Jubilee – and she wrote back to say thanks… (she always does!)

9) I think a monarchy is an anachronism in the 21st century – but I can’t think of a better system… so therefore I support it and consider myself to be a royalist.

10) I think the baby will probably be named George or Henry.

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