November 19

10 strange places for interviews

Ray Winstone and Gary Lucy filming She’s Gone

I’ve spent the past 20 years interviewing actors, actresses and television presenters. You might get the impression from films like Notting Hill that these kind of celebrity interviews take place in posh hotel suites and that journalists are wined and dined by public relations flunkies….

Well that hasn’t been my experience very often (and the wining and dining even less so…) – and the most common places I’ve done interviews is in the star’s trailer on the set of whatever they were filming. And location bases are usually car parks on industrial estates. Not really very glam.

That said, there have been plenty of other odd places – and here’s a short list of some of the more unusual ones….

1) Sir David Jason –  in the garden of a pub

2) Coronation Street’s Amanda Barrie – in a Mini

3) Ray Winstone – leaning on a wheely bin

4) Richard Wilson (aka Victor Meldrew) – at a beach bar in Portugal.

5) Harry Enfield – in a church hall

6) Nicolas Cage – in an Olive grove on Cephalonia

7) Noel Edmonds – on a plane back from Russia

8) Alan Davies – in his kitchen

9) Frank Bruno – in a co-op

10) Martin Clunes – in a koala park in Sydney

I’m sure there are plenty more….

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